Friday, September 18, 2009

Work in progress

It's not much to look at, but this dusty little unit will shortly be the home of Ireland's newest micro brewery. It needs a bit of a scrub and a lick of paint but everything will be in order for the arrival of our 10 US barrels (1175) litres) brew house next month. How long after that before you can try the tasty beer we will produce, I hear you ask? It's hard to say, financial pressure behoves us to get on it quick, but the beer itself won't be rushed. Quality beer takes time to mature and we won't be skipping any of the steps.

This project is two years in the planning. It took us time to get all the essential parts together, as well as deal with time wasting civil servants who held us up for months on the promise of a few quid towards our capital budget, and then refused to back us. But such is life in business and I doubt very much it will be the only time we deal with such unhelpful people.

We're still shuffling the vast amount of paperwork that is required to open a brewery in Ireland, but things are steadily coming together, including the equipment itself which will shortly set sail from Canada and roll the waves of the Atlantic for some two weeks before stopping off briefly in Liverpool, and then zigzagging back across the Irish Sea to Dublin.

We hope you'll come along with us on our journey to the realisation of our dream to produce quality, distinctive and flavourful beer for the people of Ireland initially, and the rest of the world in the future - it wouldn't be fair to keep it all to ourselves, now would it?

Stay tuned for future developments and that all important launch date in the coming months.